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Welcome to Stay Focused Marketing, a part of a now 200 billion-dollar industry since 1993. Stay Focused Marketing is a developer of the most successful consumer products in “As Seen on TV” history and within the home, including the Orgreenic ceramic non-stick cookware, the Perfect Server miracle kitchen helper, the Minden Anytime Grill, the best indoor cooking grill, Macaron Magnifique, a yummy Parisian Macaron, Hang A Bunch, the greatest closet organizer, the sensational No Mess Kitchen Board, The Eye Watcher, our eyeglass accessory neckwear and many other successful "As Seen on TV" products!

The ambitious leaders of Stay Focused Marketing have been pioneering the TV-to-retail model for nearly two decades and have built a company that has paved the way in maximizing TV products at retail.

Stay Focused Marketing’s strategic partners include all of the leading major discount retailers, drugstores, and specialty retailers in the United States.

Orgreenic Kitchenware | AS SEEN ON TV
Perfect Server | AS SEEN ON TV
Minden Anytime Grill | AS SEEN ON TV
Macaron Magnifique | AS SEEN ON TV
Hang a Bunch Hangers | AS SEEN ON TV
Eyeglass Watcher | AS SEEN ON TV
No Mess Kitchen Board | AS SEEN ON TV
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Company History

Stay Focused Marketing has focused on bringing innovative, high-quality products to its customers at affordable prices for nearly twenty years.

The company creates broad consumer demand through direct response TV advertising, combined with wide-span senior level retail distribution.

Stay Focused Marketing provides high volume items to retailers. Most of the company’s product launches are treated as events at retail.

The company fully uses availability of print, public relations, sampling, and Fish’s to further the reach of the product.

The corporate focus of Stay Focused Marketing is to develop successful product launches into long-term brands.


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